The Best Essay Writing Services Reviews

Top Essay Writing Services or Why Did I Create My Website?

My friend Edward Heath was a student at the USA college many years ago. He literally went through all the stages that every student usually had to pass. And one of his problems during his college life was writing assignments.

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At that time, writing services were not so popular. So, it was simple to find a reliable person who could write a high-quality term paper or analytical essay for you for a symbolic price and on time. Now, the time has changed, and you can find many of “the best” essay writing websites on the Web. But among hundreds of them, only a few agencies can guarantee the most excellent delivery. Thus, Edward decided to launch a website ( that allows students to read authentic essay writing service reviews and take the company that fits perfectly.  

How Do We Review Websites?

The process of reviewing writing agencies/companies is time-consuming, but Edward wants to make everything perfect and provide you with trusted information:

  1. The first step is to choose the company he wants to check;
  2. After this, he or his team members go to the website and analyze all the information provided there, like guarantees, a refund policy or records about the best essay writers. In case of misunderstanding;
  3. Additional stage is to contact Customer Service and ask the representative about the worrying issue. 

When this step is done, it is the right time to check the provided data with reality – read real clients’ feedback and remarks (whether they are positive or negative). 

The final point is to summarize all pros and cons to make everything clear and create a paper writing service review. That is all.

How to Identify the Best Paper Writing Service?

In 2021, there are many ways on how to identify the best essay writing services. And you will see what the most crucial moments you need to take note of are:

  • The first aspect is the guarantees. The company should persuade you that the provision of services is on the highest level;
  • Secondly, if there is no money refund policy, it should cock up your ears;
  • Thirdly, you will be able to pay for the services using the most convenient payment systems for you;
  • And finally, read people’s paper writing services reviews who have used the services before.

How Much Does a Good Essay Cost?

After picking an essay writing company, you will go to the official website and check the price list. Some writing companies make the prices extremely high, and a regular student cannot allow such expensive spending. 

Usually, even the top essay writing service is ready to provide its customers with an affordable price list. On average, one essay page costs between 9 and 11 dollars. But you can see a higher price per page, like 30 or 50 dollars. Also, the price depends on the chosen writer, whether he or she is professional or not. Bear in mind that the price is changeable under certain circumstances (a 12-hour deadline, degree level, etc.).

Is It Legal?

Without any doubt, you have this question in your mind. The answer is – the writing services are legal, and there are no rules that make you a lawbreaker. The only thing you should care about is your professor because he or she will not appreciate such cheating behavior, and you will definitely fail the subject.  

Where Can I Find the Best Essay Writing Service?

If you need to discover the best essay writing agency for your own, you can do a little research online and spend many hours of your priceless time. But do you want to shorten this stage? Of course, you do. 

On Edward’s website, you will be able to get to know the most respected writing agencies and companies from the list and go through the review of the companies you like the most. His service will undoubtedly save your time and reveal all negative and positive sides of the reviewed organizations.

Why Should I Trust Your Essay Reviews Services?

Before answer this question, it is worth mentioning that is a website launched with one simple goal – to help people detect the most suitable writing company. This idea drives the team, and the service is not cooperating with these companies (no paid advertising). So, you can either believe in it or not. And if you have distrust, you can compare the information for yourself and be sure that Edward Heath and his project has a good intention.


Will I break the law while using the essay writing services?

No, you are not a lawbreaker in this case. You can safely use the essay writing services in terms of legitimacy. But do not tell your teacher or professor about it. It will be our secret.

What is the price per page?

The average price is between $9 and $11 on the market, but this price can rise and be up to $100/page. This raise depends on your deadline, number of pages, subject, degree level, and so on.

Can I trust your reviews about essay writing services?

Everything is up to you. This service was developed for one simple reason – to provide students with reliable information about this or that writing company. The website does not work with all of these brands. So, the list is conducted in the most credible way.

So, what is the best essay writing company?

It is a very tricky question because everyone has individual preferences. You can check our review list and decide for yourself what writing company you will pick.